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Swedish State Media silenced Norwegian press conference after Kongsberg mass murder

You thought that fake news media couldn't get any worse? Well, the Swedish state broadcaster SVT just might surprise you!
Swedish State Media silenced Norwegian press conference after Kongsberg mass murder

That the mainstream media withholds crucial information and outright lies are well known to almost everyone, not only us dissidents. But I believe that the Swedish public broadcaster SVT (Sveriges Television) took it to a new level a few days ago.

SVT is tax-funded media that is supposed to be "neutral", officially thanks to having no "financial interest" (like trying to stay friends with the politicians deciding on your funding couldn't result in any bias). The whole "Public Service" media conglomerate receives 8,5 billion SEK in (approximately one billion USD) funding from the taxpayers every year to produce news, documentaries and entertainment.

Press conference turned into a silent film

In the wake of the horrific mass murder in Kongsberg, Norway, SVT decided to broadcast the Norwegian police press conference. Before switching to the said press conference, the Swedish host explained to the audience that they would have to "lower the volume on some parts" because SVT is very "restrictive with details on the arrested man".

The press conference then follows, and it's like watching either a journal film exposing old Soviet propaganda or an absurd Monty Python sketch. Vast chunks of the talk are inaudible. You can see the lips of the Norwegian police chief moving, but it's just silent.

The Swedish state television has decided that the Swedish audience isn't ready to hear what the Norwegians are told: The man is suspected to be a Muslim convert and has been on secret agencies radar for "Islamic extremism" before.

To be honest, I think putting this attack in the "Islamic terror" compartment is a bit premature. This guy is clearly a nut case, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had previously been into both Christianity as well as left- and right-wing politics. I think everyone who's been into the dissident right for a long enough time has met these kinds of people at least once or twice.

What are they so afraid of?  

Islamization of the West is a genuine problem, and Islamic terrorism is a horrific reality we'll have to live with if we want to continue the multicultural project on home turf while bombing the Middle-East and financially support Islamist "rebels" "over there".

But that the state media, that all Swedes are forced to pay with our hard-earned money, belittle us by silencing a Norwegian police press conference shows how afraid they are that the public will get access to too much information and start piecing the puzzle together. A sane society where politicians believed in the strength of the policies they preached would, of course, let the public have access to all information available and then decide for themselves what to think.

But Sweden is not a sane society, and the politicians are well aware that their power is built upon lies and propaganda.

Following the desperation and decay of mainstream media in real-time is both scary and entertaining. And while many people are upset with the blatant censorship, I'll just brew me another cup of coffee and laugh — for the sake of my sanity.