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Stop complaining, start building!

Stop complaining, start building!
Photo by Zachary Kadolph / Unsplash

The clip below is an interesting comment from Frodi Midjord regarding the problem with "white nationalism" not building institutions or advancing our positions outside of a few media outlets and social media warfare.

I understand that Midjord is catering towards an American audience, and this might be true there. I would argue that it is different in central, southern and, lately, eastern Europe. I believe that Midjords criticism is also valid for Sweden and probably all of Scandinavia, which was the main driving force behind the establishment of Det fria Sverige. To gain inspiration and gather ideas, we did travel a lot around Europe to see how successful movements had built up business networks, meeting halls, academies and other kinds of what I would call institutions (or institutions in the making...).

But we all have something to learn from this observation; If we want to achieve any results, we can't just focus on online warfare and media productions, even though they play an essential part. We need to gather and concentrate resources, financial and human, to build foundations for community organizing and a genuine social movement.

Complaining about the current situation should take up a minimal part of our time. Talking about solutions is the first step. Building them is essential.

This is the whole philosophy behind Svenskarnas hus (The House of the Swedes), which is just one small piece of the puzzle but a crucial first step in becoming a social movement organizing Swedish communities.