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Positive side effects of the vaccine passports

When we're forced into resistance against an oppressive regime, exciting things happen.
Positive side effects of the vaccine passports

In Germany, where I am at the moment, you need a vaccine passport to get into certain stores, events and restaurants (the exact restrictions vary from region to region). This is, of course, an unacceptable development and in collision with fundamental human freedoms.

But it comes with some interesting side effects.

In my region, a network of freedom lovers is growing. Restaurants, bars, hairdressers and many other people whose businesses have been directly affected by the restrictions are organizing underground. This doesn't only mean that it's still possible to eat, drink or get your hair cut – if you're a part of the network – without having to show your vaccine passport. It also means that a large black economy is growing, as everything bought and sold within this network has to be off the books.

I have since long come to terms with that one of the main conflicts is between the people and the state. Therefore, anything that can be done to starve the state or decrease its influence is good. I always tell people to pay as little in taxes as possible without breaking the law and to continually find ways to barter instead of creating taxable events when doing business.

What's happening right now with the underground network is, of course, illegal. But we're forced into it. The state has stripped us of our fundamental freedoms, destroying small businesses and the social fabric of society in the meantime, and we've run out of options.

Everyone involved in the underground network understands that there will be backlashes. That infiltrators and snitches will rat on people, and that many will be fined or even jailed for simply keeping their businesses open. But the spirit is high, and the sense of community that is growing right now is impressive.

Who knows what this underground network, which I'm sure is taking place in many other regions as well, can accomplish in the future?

Resistance is our duty.