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Nobody wanted to come to Sweden's Holocaust Conference

Big fiasco when prime minister Stefan Löfven wanted to show his loyalty to a foreign people. But that didn't stop him from promising new laws.
Nobody wanted to come to Sweden's Holocaust Conference
Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven at the ceremony during the conference (Photo: Facsimile by FriaTider.se)

This week the Swedish government is hosting a "Holocaust Conference" in Malmö, and Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven invited more than 50 Heads of Government to participate in the... festivities?

Only two showed up. Finland's president (not even the country's political leader) Sauli Niinistö and Albania's prime minister Edi Rama. So, a Muslim socialist, a Finnish figurehead and a Swedish clown. Good times!

In the lead up to the conference Stefan Löfven sounded asserted that Joe Biden, as well as Naftali Bennett, would show up. They didn't.

This, of course, didn't stop the Swedish government from pouring millions into the project, which has been described as Sweden's most prominent police operation ever. Stefan Löfven, in a prerecorded speech, also communicated that Sweden would ban "organized racism" and open a new "Holocaust Museum".

While Swedens' police force was busy guarding the small Holocaust event, new shootings took place in Stockholm. In Farsta, just south of the city and around the corner from where I grew up, a 40-year man was killed, and a 16-year old boy was severely injured.

We've been told that the police don't have enough money to fight organized migrant crime, probably because they have to put all their resources to guard Stefan Löfvens little pet projects to show how loyal he is to a foreign people.