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Malmö goes into Holocaust-Lockdown

World leaders are meeting up in Malmö for a "Holocaust Conference", and the city is getting shut down to be safe for the elite.
Malmö goes into Holocaust-Lockdown
Malmö and the "Turning Torso". Photo by Karl Hörnfeldt / Unsplash

Next week Malmö, the city internationally known for its significant Muslim migrant population and high crime rate, hosts a Holocaust Conference. I'm not sure what needs to be discussed 76 years after the Second World War officially ended, but I guess it's going to be something about that we can not forget and that Poland and Hungary are evil.

It usually is.

Sweden is not only famous for the migrant problems but also for not going into lockdown during Corona. But now Malmö is more or less getting shut down in what could be called a Holocaust-Lockdown.

The people living in Malmö has been warned not to go by car or public transportation during the events on Tuesday and Wednesday, as most traffic routes will be blocked. A massive police force from all over Sweden has also been commanded to guard the conference venue and the synagogue where the World Jewish Congress has invited world leaders on Tuesday afternoon.

At the same time, one of the main discussions in Swedish politics in the last years has been that the Swedish police is underfunded and therefore can't fight the raving migrant crime plaguing our country.

But of course, millions (billions?) to "protect" the political elite when they want to meet and play "Once upon a time..." is a much better way of using taxpayers money.